How to sell your High-Ticket Offer

sell more high ticket offers: Sales copy tips

Writing sales copy to help sell your high-ticket service offer or luxurious products can be a challenge, but it also means that you get to have a bit more fun with it.

Can you tell me you’re luxurious without telling me that you’re luxurious?

This is the trick that every luxurious brand faces when it comes to their marketing plan, but if you’re looking for marketing strategy examples to get you started, then you’re in the right place. When writing copy for a more expensive product or service, it is vital that you use your words to sell and experience, particularly one that is rooted in exclusivity.

As a luxury brand or premium experience, your primary audience is either made up of HNIs (High Networth Individuals) who do not see cost as a hit-or-miss factor OR it consists of those who are happy to pay when they can see the value reflected in the price. Oftentimes, these clients or customers are looking for:

  • Something that sets them apart and reaffirms their status
  • Something that stands out as the best of the best
  • An experience that makes them feel something more than just the product or service
  • Something that promises a ROI for their money
These customers thrive on the aesthetic beauty of words.

Interestingly, an in-depth analysis of the websites of many leading luxury brands and groups reveals a paradoxical absence or the word “luxury” itself. Hermès never uses the word, nor does Porsche, LVMH itself now refrain from using the word in its newest corporate website. Instead, they favour word like: excellence, dream, exceptional and exquisite. They also focus on creating a vivid experience through the imagery.

It’s time to shift the focus away from the word “luxury” itself and rather emphasize the essence of what luxury represents: the pursuit of perfection, uniqueness, high standards, excellence, elegance, the preservation of rare skills passed down through generations, locally inspired cultural items and experiences, as well as innovative creativity and a commitment to sustainability.

The Catch 22 of Marketing Exclusivity

Whatever you do, don’t say luxury.

Instead, choose carefully crafted words that emphasize exclusivity, distinction, and elevated standing to captivate a discerning audience. Combine these with elements of scarcity, symbolic significance, and philanthropic impact, and you will undoubtedly attract individuals who possess affluence or aspire to be part of the affluent circle.

Stewart Colovin, executive vice president and chief creative officer at MMGY Global has explained this as follows: “True luxury whispers, it doesn’t need to come into the room and scream. In marketing the concept, there should be nuance in tone and language.” Jacques-Olivier Chauvin, who formerly worked at Louis Vuitton, added to this by stating that: “If you define yourself as luxury, you’re not luxury. At Louis Vuitton, luxury was a word that was actually banned. Sales people were not allowed to use that word. We wanted them to focus on creativity, legacy, quality.”

Choosing Language with Care

The language used in luxury brand messaging should evoke sophistication, refinement, and a sense of elevated lifestyle. Words like “curated,” “award-winning,” “exclusive,” “bespoke,” “sophisticated,” and “luxury” have become overused and may no longer convey the desired impact. Instead, focus on storytelling that brings to life the brand’s heritage, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the emotional connection it creates with its customers.

The Importance of a Seamless Experiences

Want to create a truly luxurious experience that goes way beyond just selling a product or service? Here’s the secret: ditch the hidden fees and confusing “a la carte” pricing.

Luxury customers, they appreciate transparency. They expect a smooth journey, no nasty surprises lurking around the corner. So, by offering clear, all-inclusive pricing, you’re showing them you understand what matters. You’re upholding your promise of a seamless, exceptional experience that lives up to their discerning tastes. Basically, you’re treating them like the VIPs they are, no hidden costs or headaches allowed. Now that’s luxury.

To Sum it up & Get You Started

Here’s the thing: luxury customers have a certain je ne sais quoi. They crave that feeling of exclusivity, that special something that sets them apart. So, forget the shouting and the obvious. Instead, whisper about exquisite experiences, a hint of distinction, and the finer things in life.

Think captivating stories, words chosen with the utmost care, and a seamless experience from start to finish. That’s how luxury brands truly connect with those seeking the extraordinary, not the ordinary. They make them feel like they’re part of a secret club, one with seriously good taste. Now that’s the kind of messaging that gets turns heads when you walk into the room.

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