A weekly Podcast for the Visionaries, the Dreamers, and the Holistic Entrepreneurs.

Quantum Copy Cafe

The Quantum Copy Cafe Podcast is your space for copywriting hacks, business energetics, marketing, soulful selling, and business embodiment practices.

Ready to Elevate Your Message, Align with Your Authentic Flow, and Become an Impactful Brand of the Future?

This Podcast is for Holistic Entrepreneurs who are looking for tangible ways in which they can start selling, marketing, and automating their business offerings, but in a way that feels authentic and natural to them.

Let’s create a business that supports your wildest dreams & unique energy.

We’re kinda your cup of (green) tea if:


You are ready to uplevel your business and create messaging that matters, all whilst growing your revenue in a way that feels aligned with you.


You want valuable insight from an industry expert with 11+ years of experience who has been at the forefront of the curation of over 142 businesses.


You love energetics and are ready to take a peek behind the curtain at the mind, heart and soul of a conversion copywriter & launch strategist who already runs an international 6 figure business.

This podcast has a mixture of long and short episodes. Some will provide practical, strategic tips that you can use to grow your biz & enhance your brand message; others will dive deeper into the quantum world to help you understand the energetics that drives the decisions we make as business owners. 

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Welcome to Quantum Copy Cafe

Our Quantum Copy Cafe pilot episode – you know, the one that started them all. In this episode, Kerry, founder of Meraki Messaging, takes you on her from business into energetics, as well as how she has merged the two.

The Art of Vulnerability

Before you create an authentic brand story, every business owner needs to embrace the art of vulnerability. Raw, naked and unembellished.

Feminine Embodiment in Business

In this intimate interview, guest speaker, Robyn Gooding, shares her gentle and profound wisdom on what it takes to create a business from a place of true empowerment by following the wisdom of the body.

About your host


After 11 years perfecting my marketing skills and following an intense passion for the magic of the quantum realm, I decided to merge my two areas of expertise to take my clients deeper than ever before. Referred to by my clients as the ‘finishing fairy’ and ‘copywriting queen’, I have helped bold women from around the world build businesses that are in alignment with their unique energy, while using my unique framework that interweaves marketing, messaging and metaphysics. 

Mother, Wife, Green Juice Drinker, Conversion Copywriter, Marketer, Kind Hearted, Adventurer

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