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Embody your Business’s full potential by unveiling it’s Soul Energy

Take our Meraki Messaging Brand Soul Energy Quiz and find out whether your brand is a Visionary Sage, Embodied Wanderer, Transformation Catalyst or Empathetic Creative.

With this FREE Brand Soul Energy Quiz you will:


Discover your brand’s dominant soul energy so that understand how your brand energetically shows up and takes up space in the world


Use your soul type as the basis for which you build your brand Avatar and personality.


Lean on your soul’s energy as a compass to guide you on how to shape your tone, tempo and glossary of phraseology.


Help you connect with your business in a deeper way and work with it to create a life of prosperity, freedom and alignment.

There is so much magic inside of you, and we are passionate about helping you unveil and embody it.

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About Kerry & Meraki Messaging

Conversion Copywriter. Soulful Marketer. Quantum Guide.

Backed by 11 years of industry experience, over 142 success stories, and a portfolio of websites, sales funnels and messaging strategies that feel like my children, I am here to help you tell your most authentic brand story. It is both my passion and purpose to assist holistic entrepreneurs in creating financial abundance with their words by helping them embody their business’s highest potential in a way that feels natural and aligned with their authentic truth.

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