Soulful Sales Copy that’ll make ‘em flock to your checkout page like wellness practitioners to celery juice.

Website copy, sales page, email funnel, marketing message, energetic blueprint, brand strategy.

That’s exactly what we have helped hundreds of holistic entrepreneurs refine & elevate.

Meraki Messaging

Meraki Messaging

Sure – it would be great if you could glide into the room and announce ‘Hey. My new Retreat in Costa Rica is Coming up. It’s rad, you should join…” while your dream clients flock to your side, waving their credit cards in your face and begging to be on your next waitlist.

But that’s not the secret to selling out.

I’ma be frank with you – it’ll take impactful WORDS and an unforgettable STORY to create that irrational loyalty that every brand needs to stand out in an endless sea of sameness.

This is what we specialise in…

We believe that no two storiess are created the same –

Your copy shouldn’t be either. This is why our Stories come with Organic Certification.

There is nothing copy-paste about your business. It’s different. We get it – from the brand strategy to phraseology, story, offerings, and even its energetic signature. 

Through our soulful framework that combines messaging, marketing and metaphysics we have found the secret to creating impactful brands of the future. Quantum copywriting is the secret to magnetic marketing, and this is what we weave into your story and strategy to ensure that you can stand out and start selling by simply being who you and who your business were born to be.

Meraki Messaging


Is that synchronicity, or did you just magnetise the right client -again? Trust us, soulful brand stories are the new secret to the law of attraction. 

They may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel, which is why we will help you build out a clear funnel that takes your dream clients on a journey every step of the way.

Taking your brand from ‘just another business’ to that familiar cup of tea and comforting presence that your clients and community simply needs in their lives.

With a customer retention rate of close to 90%

(yes, almost every client has come back for more)

We can say that we have what it takes to get you seen and admired. Ready to be our next success story?

We write for
Wait a second – before we dive deeper, let’s make sure we are aligned.

Visionaries and dreamers who are looking to make the world a better space with their art or service.

Wellness professionals, creatives, coaches, and industry leaders who are passionate about infusing soul & energetics into their brand story.

Holistic entrepreneurs who value the art and science of making an impactful connection with others.

Bold businesses that are ready to break the mould, start taking up space, and step into alignment with their true purpose. There is pure magic within you, let’s unveil it one word at a time.

Merging the conscious and the unconscious

Quantum Selling

Copywriting is not just about the pretty. It’s a strategic balance between the art of messaging and the science of marketing, but we have taken it a step deeper and brought in the magic of quantum selling – because we’re a tad obsessed with the magic of soulful connections.

From the hearts of our Clients

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+ A welcome pack (cause gifts = swoon)

+ 60 – 90 minute strategy session and consultation to review and dive deep into the goals of the project

+ A custom-curated brand questionnaire that will take you through the 7 layers required to create an impactful and magnetic brand

+ 2 rounds of revisions (for website copy, sales funnels and email newsletter funnels)

+ Voxer support during the duration of your project during specified work hours

+ A customised website wireframe to ensure that the design and build process is streamlined and that your story remains intact

+ Communication & collaboration with your web designer (unless you choose to move ahead with our in-house developer)

Meraki Messaging

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We get it, the best copywriters get booked out way in advance and quality comes with a price tag that not all businesses can afford. 

We get it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve expert sales copy that’ll help you get your offer off the shelves and into applauding hands that are simply waiting to sing your praises.

Truth be told ~ this is why we curated our customised templates and workbooks (with a Meraki swirl of magic, of course) to help guide you through the process of creating professional & strategic copy at a fraction of the cost.

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