Unveiling the Organic Opulence Within You

No two stories are ever created the same…

How could they ever be? – for you are unique in every way. From the cells that make up your body to the iridescent swirls of colour that surround your body in light. You are encoded with your own purpose, your own dharma, which is true to your soul’s journey of evolution.

And your business? 

Your business is a way through which this dharma is expressed and manifested in the world around you. It is your gift to the world, and your space to play and explore. It is only through a gentle unveiling that your brand story is revealed. By embodying all those nuanced facets that make up who you are, you are able to settle back into your true self and allow your true story to speak through you.

The truth is that ~

Life is moulding you, shaping you, transforming you, and you are being called to share your hard-earned wisdom with others in a way that both resonates with you AND aligns with your dream clients.

Our Sacred Promise to YOU: We promise to help you unveil and tell an organic story that is 100% unique to your Brand’s Soul Journey.

Our Sacred Promise to YOUR CUSTOMERS: Is that we will never rely on sleazy marketing tactics or manipulative buyer psychology to create conversions.

Instead, we lean on energetics.

We Market Differently

We don’t believe in Competition

You bring your own special flavour to everything that you do, a flavour that cannot be replicated. When creating copy for our clients or coaching them to create their own, we agree that market research is imperative – but…

We want you to feel inspired, to feel motivated, to feel enthralled, but never to feel challenged, inferior, or threatened.

Finding your unique selling proposition and authentic flow is what empowers you to step into a position where you are able to celebrate your peers for their accomplishments, whilst inviting them to revel in your own.

We believe in Selling with Soul

We believe that everything begins when you understand how your brand is built to function – from your offers to systems, and even to your sales and marketing strategy (we call this your brand’s energetic signature – check it out here).

Sales can never feel sleazy or misaligned if you:

  1. are in your natural flow,
  2. know you have something of real value to offer up to the world,
  3. invite others into your world with love and consideration.

Show up and shine your light, and trust that the universe will send the right people to you.

Unveiling Your Radiance

The purpose of your entrepreneurial journey is an ode to authenticity — a singular word that encapsulates its essence. It is not merely about what you do but how you do it. Your purpose lies in finding the perfect channel for your creative gifts, infusing every aspect of your business with artistry and originality. Embrace the courage required to trust in the desires of your heart, even in the face of societal expectations and conventional norms. You transcend the shackles of external circumstances by surrendering to your heart’s yearnings. Strive to leave a profound imprint of your innermost essence on the world. 

As your business aligns with your authentic self, you become a beacon of inspiration, guiding others to embrace their unique paths and make their indelible mark upon the world.

Sales Page Copywriting

About Kerry & Meraki Messaging

Conversion Copywriter. Soulful Marketer. Quantum Guide.

Backed by 11 years of industry experience, over 142 success stories, and a portfolio of websites, sales funnels and messaging strategies that feel like my children, I am here to help you tell your most authentic brand story. It is both my passion and purpose to assist holistic entrepreneurs in creating financial abundance with their words by helping them embody their business’s highest potential in a way that feels natural and aligned with their authentic truth.