Our Signature Framework

At Meraki Messaging, we are passionate about merging the realms of copywriting and energetics to create soulful brand stories that resonate deeply with your audience. Our signature 7-step process is designed to cultivate sustainable brands rooted in strategy and guided by your brand’s unique energetic blueprint. By building brands from the inside out and nurturing deep roots, we lay the foundation for impactful connections and authentic messaging.

Step 1: Roots – Marketing

Before diving into your brand story, it’s crucial to establish a firm foundation rooted in strategy. We delve into the world of marketing, exploring sales, statistics, market research, and competitor analysis. By comparing data and crafting a brand strategy, we ensure that your brand is poised for growth, adaptability, and long-term success.

Step 2: Trunk – Messaging

With a solid strategic foundation in place, we shift our focus to how your brand connects with the outside world. We define the way your brand communicates, creating a cohesive brand story and brand voice. This step encompasses crafting a messaging strategy, determining the tone and style that aligns with your brand’s essence, and developing a unique value proposition that sets you apart.

Step 3: Blossoms – Metaphysics

Once your brand story is rich with personality and resonance, we delve into the metaphysical aspect of your brand. Here, we explore your brand’s energetic signature, uncovering its unique purpose and the role it plays in the world. By understanding your brand’s encoded destiny and prosperity codes, we guide you in leveraging your brand voice and messaging to embody your brand’s deeper essence and create a profound impact.

Embracing Your Why, Mission, and Values

Throughout our process, we place immense importance on understanding your “why,” mission, and values. These foundational elements serve as the bedrock of your brand’s identity and guide every aspect of our work together. By aligning your brand with your core beliefs and purpose, we empower you to forge genuine connections with your dream clients, infuse authenticity into your brand story, and shape your marketing messages, sales strategies, and systems accordingly.

By nurturing deep roots, developing your unique value proposition, and embracing the metaphysical essence of your brand, we empower you to create a brand that not only resonates with your audience but also embodies your authentic purpose. Together, let’s unleash the power of your brand story and create a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of those you serve.

About Kerry & Meraki Messaging

Conversion Copywriter. Soulful Marketer. Quantum Guide.

Backed by 11 years of industry experience, over 142 success stories, and a portfolio of websites, sales funnels and messaging strategies that feel like my children, I am here to help you tell your most authentic brand story. It is both my passion and purpose to assist holistic entrepreneurs in creating financial abundance with their words by helping them embody their business’s highest potential in a way that feels natural and aligned with their authentic truth.