Energetic Blueprint

The Business Energetic Blueprint for Holistic Entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their natural flow and make informed business decisions

Discover your brand’s soul codes and unveil its unique systems, sales, messaging and marketing strategy.


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Flourishing comes with understanding

Your business is capable of supporting the life you always dreamed of living

If you are tired of …

Trying out everyone else’s ‘secret sauce’

Testing every marketing tactic in the book & still hearing crickets

Struggling to connect with your organic brand story

then hold up. it’s time to pop the hood and take a look…

Your brand’s energetic blueprint makes decision making natural and effortless

business model & strategy

Your brand’s energy lays the foundations upon which your business model and strategy are built (for instance; a brand that carries a projector energy will require more systems and automation than a manifesting generator).

Offering & pricing model

Your energetic signature holds the secrets to how your offerings and pricing model could be determined (e.g. a brand with a south node in Scorpio and a north node in Taurus could find empowerment in leaning into pricing that feels stretchy, without feeling the need to overcompensate with deliverables).

marketing & sales

It provides a roadmap as to how your messaging, sales and marketing should unfold organically (some businesses are encoded with radiant auras that attract clients naturally, whilst others are encoded to be able to sell their services with a magnetism that simply pulls clients in).

brand story & copy

And last, but not least – your brand energetic blueprint is the very essence of your brand story. It is your secret sauce and the one thing that makes you different everyone else out there.

exhausted by the overwhelm of making so many big decisions for your business & still feeling like you ‘aren’t quite getting it’?

What if we told you everything is already encoded into its DNA and that we could help you uncover the data that you need to strategize, market, and sell your offer according to what comes naturally to you?

It all beings with your...

Business Energetic Blueprint

A 27-page guide to your business that uses astrology, human design, and gene keys to determine your brand’s organic energy & story, as well as your own (as the founder).


100% Customised

This is NOT a copy-paste strategy off Google and defs not something Chat GPT can help you with. This is an in-depth deep dive into your business’s energetic signature AND a look into your personal founders chart to see how you and your business work together.



We layer in various readings in order to piece together the ultimate puzzle that is unique only to you. A few of the tools we use include astrology, human design, numerology and the gene keys.


Igniting Alignment

Your blueprint will help you make decisions from a place of empowerment and will guide you on how to market, sell, manage and automate your functions accordingly to your business needs.

what you'll find inside your blueprint


In-depth explanation as to how energetics fits into your brand story and how it is the missing link in building impactful brands of the story

hd & gene keys

Founders Gene Keys chart & human design reading (the hd chart is a basic analysis, we do not currently read into your gates or channels. It is meant to help us get an overview into you as the founder, in relation to your business).

elements & Feel

Brand Elemental Energy + Femininity & Masculinity Codes. Understanding these allows you to anchor in your brand’s tone and tempo.


Your Brand’s point of transformation, showing you where you have been & where you are evolving so you can turn your challenges into stepping stones.

astrological readings

Your Brand’s sun, moon and dark moon positioning – these provide guidance on your strengths, weaknesses, challenges and personality traits. It’s time to gain a deeper look into how the world sees you.


energy type

Your brand’s unique purpose & energetic type, which will guide you on how to strategise, market, communicate and sell your offer.

Sacred gifts

Your Brand’s Sacred Gifts so you can realise your own secret sauce and layer this into your brand story & sales strategy.


wound of power

Your brand’s wound of power, showing you where your strengths lie & helping you foresee where you may trip yourself up.



Your unique Path to Prosperity so you understand the natural way in which you create wealth and strategies your offerings accordingly.

All delivered in a pristine pdf that will take you on an in-depth journey towards deeper connection with your business.

(includes 30 minute connection call)

It's as easy as -

  1. Click below to schedule your 20-minute deep dive call, make your payment, and provide us with the information we need.
  2. Arrive at your call with intense interest, a virtual smoothie and a short background on who you are and what you offer.
  3. Allow us to flow into our studio as we spend the next few days building out your report, which will be delivered to you within 5 working days.

This is for you if are -

A visionary

You are intrigued or value the quantum world and understand that nothing is just physical.

A Dreamer

You are wanting to honour the space in which your business shows up in the world so that you can embody your business and allow it to embody you

A Doer

You are ready to grow a business that supports a life or purpose and prosperity.

Wild and Free

You are ready to enter into the sacred dance between yourself and your creation.

Your business blueprint forms the foundation upon which we write your brand story and develop your visuals.

Everything begins and ends here.

Take a peek

The Best Part?

We won’t leave you hanging. If you find you have questions afterwards on how to refine your business strategy or alter your brand story, marketing, or sales strategy to be in alignment with your blueprint then you will be invited to schedule a 1:1 consultation with Kerry, our conversion copywriter and launch strategist.

who knows.

we may even have a few extra juicy surprises for you during this call. We are as invested in your business as you are.

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