Sales Page & Launch Funnel

Client: Liza Klassen

The Brief

Liza first approached us with a dream and vision to be able to support women in their fertility journey. She had built out an evergreen course that she wanted to launch, and she needed a sales funnel that would support her vision, while calling in and connecting with the women she was qualified to help.

Throughout the funnel we touched on emotions that are very raw and real for women who are on a fertility journey. Liza has a gentle, yet powerful energy, and her ability to serve and guide these women is incredible. She carries inherent knowledge on the feminine body and is a trained naturopathic doctor who specializes in fertility.

The Work

We started the process by building out two separate funnels that wove together. The first was a lead magnet and nurture sequence that was intended to introduce her community to her work, while growing her email list and providing them with real value. The second was a sales funnel that was built with the intention of selling her evergreen course. The first was tailored to her cold audience and the second to her warmer leads. The project consisted of a lead magnet to introduce women into the world of fertility + a sales sequence to introduce them to her work, the expertise she provided, and finally the course. It also included a Sales Page + Payment Landing Page + Thank You Page for her new course; as well as a nurture sequence to commence after they had paid and signed up for the course.

The Result

Sales Page Copywriting

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